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Hi, I'm Mike Rich and the visual wonders in these galleries sample my work done over the past few decades.  I'd most likely be described as a skilled and discriminating semi-pro: the skill evidenced in my imagery and prints themselves; and the discrimination in the limited scope of printing requests I accept.

I've lived in the Minneapolis/St.Paul area since 1970 and the locations of my outdoor photographic interest have tended to exend mainly toward the southwest and the west coast.

I've been resolutely self-taught as evidenced by bookshelves full of Adams, White, Picker and innumerable others.  My  images inevitably show the influences I hope very much to honor.

I've employed most of the technologies available over that time:  color, greyscale, wet chemistry, digital workflows and camera sizes from pocket pointers to large format.     Currently I print with large-format digital inkjet (giclee) equipment using archival paper and pigmented inks.

As yet, none of my images hang in east coast museums.  The west has been more generous: my work occupies two chapters of LensWork (8/2017) and Seeing in Sixes (2016).

I periodically entertain requests to print single copies of my images as my schedule permits.  Terms for such projects are negotiated on a case-by-case basis beginning with my contacts page.



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